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Rep. Marcy Toepel Appointed as Deputy Whip, and to the Pension Reform Task Force as well as several Committees.

Rep. Marcy Toepel has been appointed by Pennsylvania House Majority Whip Stan Saylor (R-York)as a Deputy Whip for the 2013-14 legislative session. Deputy whips have a variety of responsibilities on the House floor, including helping promote certain tough issues facing the House Republican Caucus.


Toepel also will serve on the following committees: Judiciary, Children and Youth, Human Services, Consumer Affairs, and as Chair of the Health subcommittee on Health Care. She is a member of the newly created Pension Reform Task Force.


Rep. Kate Harper to chair the House Local Government Committee

The Local Government Committee reviews bills that would amend the municipal codes by which local governments operate. This could include legislation related to local government purchases, real estate assessment policies and statewide pensions for municipal police officers. Pennsylvania has more than 2500 local government units of all sizes.

Harper previously served as chairman of the House Children and Youth Committee and the House Ethics Committee. She also previously served as a member of the Local Government Committee, as well as the Transportation, Environmental Resources and Energy, Judiciary and Urban Affairs committees. She has represented the 61st Legislative District in Montgomery County since 2000.